Sunday, 26 June 2016

27Jun - Android box with dvb-t2 in Singapore

5mth ago - achieve 90% above signal and quality using my DIY antenna. 

1mth ago - found antenna reasonably price. Achieve 100% in signal and quality. 

Able to do schedule recording. Direct record to external HDD.

Next step - improve performance.....

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

24/Mar - Zoe Iptv theory/assumptions

May not be truth, As the header say my guess based on my experience with China IPTV.

1. People always wanna crack Paid IPTV to get free stuff or to profit. Effect > Real operator got to keep update or worse, they stop update, let it die. Change a new name, price it higher n continue the cycle. Those who cracked it, changed new name, probably chg the look n disguise as new paid iptv and sell... I unable to name those iptv but from the app design n server. I can see similarity.

2) Of cos there are still good n genuine operater. Fact : They still face their Chinese government pressure. Your seller may disappear anytime.

3) Talking about IPTV source. Suppose a genuine iptv player start a new service. If it is a p2p, they need many connection to make video run smoothly. So they give out genuine p2p source to stable their streaming. This is where u have free IPTV where many used the freely available source to create app. I used it too to create Zoe5s in the past. Well it run smoothly, then IPTV provider change link again to disturb free app, and issue out another link... cycle goes..... Of cos, there are also possibilties that people crack paid IPTV and put out source to showcase.

4) There are seller selling IPTV source to "paid" IPTV operator, behind the scene.

Summary :
So there are few type of Paid IPTV :
     a) Real operator as in 2 but also not stable with threat from piracy
     b) Get free source in 3, create "paid" IPTV and regularly maintain it.
     c) Crack a paid IPTV in a) or b),
         -  Sell as lifetime iptv (Yes lifetime cos you never know when the real provider
             stop service). See your luck then, If lucky can be more than 1 yr or few months.
         -  Change the look and sell as new IPTV      
     e) Buy from paid IPTV a),b),c)  , become reseller, change new look and sell as new IPTV.
         With many layer of reseller, price only goes higher and higher....  

Type of Free IPTV :
    f ) Crack above a,b,c,d,e, change new look.  
    g ) Get free source, create free IPTV once but dun maintain it.

I'm writing all this because I suspect f) will kill a). Nothing is free, where does source come from. If it is type g , it only a player with channel list. The more people the better streaming plus if you regularly maintain it for free.. Perfect !!  But if it is f) , meaning it could be type a) ,  that may put down real IPTV service from real player. Paid IPTV run on server.. too many illegal traffic kill the server..

Unfortunately, most people unable to identify a to g. And this unhealthy cycle goes on...nothing is stable. I can only suspect as based on what I read from the app code....

I thinking of a solution.... Buy paid IPTV (a,b,c) at cheaper price and get free app as backup.

Saturday, 5 March 2016

New app like Tvapp

I found new app tat reminds me of tvapp. Lesser channels but good enough. Like tvapp, it does not work well on my box. Today, try install on other pple tablet and it work well... Hey! Just recall tat I got a box with newer version kernel I leave collecting dust after root. I install this app to test and it works! .... my next step is to setup this box.. create image.. then duplicate to my existing box.

Encounter 1st problem w this box. Though it is rooted but it behave differently. Some app not work....fixing.....

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

20/Jan - If I sell box... who would believe my I stop everything.

Friend inform me their friend buying unblock tv box that come with own ubtv app...has good live tv. I had an uneasy feeling... not becos I'm jealous etc.... becos the screenshot I see from ubtv is familiar.

I played n installed many app...always have access to free iptv app ... those using my free iptv now will see that it has same similar interface as ubtv....

I try to be unbias and share what I know.

1) Unblock tv box is low-end android box with free iptv.  Nothing special if u have access to their iptv..

2) There is once I get free 30 test account from one iptv provider. I abandon this iptv becos of their pricing. I see that this provider is looking tv box manufacturer cos selling box w buildin iptv gives higher returns. Maybe tat will be another ub box or maige in future.Needless to say,  now buy their iptv still worthwhile than buying any tv box with free iptv.

3) IPTV seller will tell you server is US or HongKong etc... I've install their app, did a trace.. the authentication is using China ip address. Look China to me... till now have not seen a non China address yet.

4) IPTV seller selling RMB199 package say : All those RMB499 branded IPTV are also getting same video source from same supplier. There is professional supplier selling all source to these IPTV seller. This is just selling unauthorised sources from authentic IPTV provider that really host server.

5) I happened to "open" up one IPTV app and found the server is same as UBTV. So... hehe...

6) There are reasons why I chose some IPTV provider to do trial... something that attract me to understand more...

It is possible for me to come out with a box +  IPTV + VPN.. .
but I just couldn't cope alone, there is no reason for me to sell cheap and suffer alone... and of cos, selling expensive, people complain.....  So rather not do lor.. lol...

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Sometimes people think I showing off my knowledge, why dun I juz put up app link instead.
I constantly have new app, cos I always seek, download and test app . Thats my interest.
So do u expect me to keep uploading app for public.....

As a mother, I will explain how things come about... I never support spoonfeed.

I've gain nothing out my post.. not a single dime..
But if I'm out to make money, I could have sell iptv.
Many asked from me, I only reply "wait for announcement"

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Last year give my good friend 10moon box. She said cannot play tis n tat,  return me box, watever works for me dun work for her,  I sold box away in Sep for $30.

Last week, past her my Zoetvbox ( intentionally remove the logo). Today ask her how is it..

Friend : My hubby ordered mibox from China liao.
Me : Wat ? My box leh?
Friend : hubby just set up last night ...still figuring out....
Me : then wat model mibox ur hubby buy.
Friend : dunno, just ask China friend buy back after CNY
Me : wat??.... ( ..... silent ..........)

(I need to clarify, not tat mibox no good but ... I feel its not suitable for newbies, box fr China preinstalled with app that can only used within China, will not work in Sg... of coz, no point explaining now.....)

Both of us different passion never really know each other world.... juz like I never understand when she talks about her passion (sport) ....